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ORIEMS SCHOLADMIN is a fully fledged system that integrates internal and external management of information across the organization.  It integrates organizational functions into user friendly modules, automates activities facilitating seamless information flow and is a distributed and web-based software. ORIEMS SCHOLADMIN provides an enterprise solution for schools and it benefits parents, students and the administration. It can be installed within local servers or accessed online.

Advantages of ORIEMS™ SCHOOLADMIN include:

  •  24/7 availability of academic resources.
  • Save on time spent on face to face interaction.
  •  Create time for creativity and productivity.
  • Encourage IT literacy.
  • Competitive edge.
  • Reduce expenses incurred in paper-work and phone bills.
  • Save on time and energy spent on manual preparation of reports, schemes of work .


ORIEMS™ SCHOOLADMIN can be accessed in any of two ways:

  • Cloud based – the ERP system is accessible anywhere any time via an internet connection.
  • Local installation – the SRP system can be installed on local servers at the institution.
Admissions Processing

Easily manage and monitor the admissions process of your institution

  • Record details of new enquirers.
  • Process enquiries for admission.
  • Process admission letters and assign student numbers.
  • View admission trends
Accounts and Finance

Keep track of all financial activities and cash inflows and outflows.

  • Fees structure management.
  • Invoicing  Fees payments and arrears monitoring.
  • Budgeting and forecasting.
  • Bills and payments management.
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Processing wages, salaries and overtime
Academics Processing

Manage the academic activities of the institution.

  • Academic units/subjects management.
  • Faculty & Departments management.
  • Online assessment grids.
  • Results management.
  • E-learning management.
  • Performance analysis (per subject, stream/year etc. ).
  • Student progress reports.
  • Alumni registration and management
Timetable Management

Keep track of resource allocation in timetables based on the annual calendar. Reduces cases of double allocation of venues or human resource.

  • Academic calendar management.
  • Venue/timeslot allocation.
  • Tutor/lecturer allocation.
  • Workload monitoring
  • Examination timetable
Communication Module

Relay information to internal and external stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner. Keep track of communication between stakeholders.

  • Internal communications : email, notices etc.
  • E-newsletters and bulletins.
  • Events calendar.
  • Suggestion box.
  • Feedback collection.
  • External communications with parents, guardians, suppliers and other stakeholders.
Human Resources & Payroll

Effectively and efficiently manage employees of the institution in line with regulations and policies.

  • Staff management(full time, casual etc.).
  • Evaluation and performance management.
  • Salaries and wages.
  • Overtime, deductions (e.g.. Taxation).
  • Staff replacement,
  • Sick leave and annual leave management.
Inventory Management

Manage fixed assets, operating assets etc.

  • Asset management.
  • Asset analysis by individual, department, location, category etc..
  • Asset reports : reviews, repairs, recommendations.
  • Supplier contacts.
Disciplinary & Counselling Management

Keep track of disciplinary activities and verdicts of these activities.

  • Incident report log.
  • Counselling log.
  • Student conduct rating and analysis.
  • Tutor conduct rating and analysis.
Extra-curricular Management

Manage non-academic activities of the institution, locations, dates and results. This can be used as a marketing strategy.

  • Activities calendar.
  • Activities management.
  • Patron and Participant management.
  • Prizes and ranking.
Library Management

Enhance operations and efficiency of the library.

  • Book catalogue and search engine.
  • Library membership management.
  • Library fees and penalties.
  • Book reservation.
  • Library transaction reports.
General Reports

Management decisions can be made from summary reports generated from the system. Drill down the database for more refined results.

  • Admissions reports.
  • Accounts and finance reports.
  • Academic reports.
  • Staff evaluation and performance reports.
  • Disciplinary and counselling reports.
  • Extra-curricular reports.
  • Events management reports.
System Administration

Appoint a system administrator to manage the backend system and provide user support.

  • System user registration and management.
  • User access rights and privileges allocation.
  • Archive management.
  • Backups and user logs.
  • User training.
  • Content management.
Lecturer Portal

Assign views to teachers/tutors to allow them access to:

  • Attendance records management.
  • Document management : assignments, schemes of work, exam setup.
  • Grading.
  • Student blackboard.
Student Portal

Assign views to students to give them access to:

  • Student blackboard.
  • Assignment and assessment tests.
  • Notice board and inquiry forms.
  • Self service menus: progress reports, disciplinary reports.
  • Timetable.
  • Unit registration and attendance.
  • Group activities.
Parent Portal

Allow parents access to this portal for:

  • Interaction with students and teachers.
  • Self-service menus: report cards, discipline reports, unit registration.
  • Fees structure and arrears reports.
  • Communication with administration.
For Parents & Guardians:


  • Instant access to student results.
  • Instant access to fees statements.
  • Instant access to school calendar.
  • Easier communication with administration.
School Administration:


  • Instant access to records.
  • Trend analysis and monitoring.
  • Transparency in operations and accounting.
  • Academic calendar and timetable management.


  • Easier posting of notes, assignments and examinations.
  • Grading.
  • Timetable management.
For Students:


  • Ease in access to notes and other academic resources.
  • Easier access to assignments.
  • Easier access to examination results.

The ORIEMS™ SCHOOLADMIN can be implemented in phases. For more details on pricing or clarifications please contact us at info@obulexsolutions.com