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ORIEMS™ RMIS is a fully fledged system designed for County Governments that integrates internal and external management of information across the county.  It integrates county functions into user friendly modules, automates activities facilitating seamless information flow and is a distributed and web-based software. ORIEMS™ RMIS provides an enterprise solution for governments and related entities. It can be configured for any specific use case and installed within local servers or accessed online.

Objectives of ORIEMS™ RMIS:

  • Provide Query Services.
  • Electronic Revenue Collection.
  • Compliance Reinforcement.
  • \Verification & Validation.
  • Billing & Invoicing, Credit Management.

  • Citizen Registration & Customer Profiling.

  • Business Process Management.

  • Revenue Forecasting & Predictive Analysis
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Query Services

Allow County Customers and Citizens to:

  • Query bills.
  • Query status of applications.
  • Query County prices and rate card

Queries are done via:

  • Mobile Phone.
  • SMS Shortcode & USSD.
  • Website on Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/SmartPhone.
  • Smartphone apps (Android etc)
Electronic Revenue Collection

Allow County Customers and Citizens to:

  • Receive electronic bills via SMS and email.
  • pay using any electronic payment modes like mobile money, bank deposit, credit cards.
  • Generate electronic receipts for each payment

Revenue Clerks can:

  • Receive cash and generate realtime electronic receipts using a hand-held POS.
  • Validate and Verify electronic receipts using the receipt number in realtime
Compliance Reinforcement

Allow County Inspectors to:

  • Check compliance of parked vehicles (valid parking tickets) electronically.
  • Check compliance of businesses.
  • Check compliance of health practitioners, food operators electronically

Inspectors can:

  • User their phones to check compliance and generate penalties, including digital clamping of non compliant vehicles, companies and personnel, ensuring they are not able to access any other county services unless they clear bills.
Verification & Validation

Allow County Customers and Citizens to:

  • Verify county officers and avoid impostors.
  • Verify applications and stages.
  • Validate documents issued as genuine.

Inspectors as well can (using a mobile phone):

  • Validate Receipts displayed by customers.
  • Validate Permits, licenses, certificates as genuine electronically.
Billing, Invoicing & Credit Management

Allow County Managers to:

  • Setup Services, prices, and billing files.
  • Attach billing files to customers.
  • Set and manage credit limits for profiled customers.
  • Generate statements and demand notices for customers

Billing Engine can:

  • Auto-Generate daily, weekly, monthly or annual recurring bills as configured.
  • Send automated invoices to profiled customers.
  • Send automated SMS, Email alerts/notifications/warnings about bills to customers.
Customer Registration & Profiling

Allow County Customers and Citizens to:

  • Register and profile themselves.
  • Attach themselves to their business accounts and bills, land rates accounts and bills.
  • Provide and periodically update their contact and address details.

County Administrators can:

  • Profile customers by attaching all bills to registered customers for accurate billing and invoicing.
  • Manage credit and other facilities to known customers
Business Process Management

County Administration can:

  • Manage applications and other processes for Businesses.
  • Manage applications and other processes for Lands.
  • Manage applications for licenses and certificates.
  • Manage their staff and allocate roles for inspectors, revenue collectors, enforcers etc.
  • Manage Transfers, sub-divisions.
  • Manage credit arrangements etc.
Forecasting & Predictive Analysis

County Management can:

  • Estimate expected collections for a fiscal year.
  • Carry out constant predictive analysis to understand revenue trends.
  • Make decisions to improve revenue collection

ORIEMS™ RMIS ships with a powerful dashboard that provides a very easy experience for users


ORIEMS™ RMIS incorporates powerful analytics features that easily show the performance of different arms of the county.

ORIEMS™ RMIS Highlights
  • Mobile Agency Model For Individuals and Companies to collect on behalf of the County.
  • Mobile POS from Bank
  • 3rd Party Integrations & Centralized Settlement.
  • Integration can be with any available bank for final settlement.
  • Implementation time-frame is 3 – 6 months.
  • Cost can be negotiated upon provision of further details.
  • Multi-Tenant Capability on Cloud.

The ORIEMS™ RMIS can be implemented in phases. For more details on pricing or clarifications please contact us at info@obulexsolutions.com